Binding Machines
Cash Registers
Check Writers
Counterfeit Detection
Currency & Bill Counters
Dictation Equipment
Dot-Matrix Printers
Electronic Signage
Hole Punches
Laser Copiers, Faxes
Printers & Multifunction
Label Makers / Label Printers
Office Supplies
Paper Folders
Paper Trimmers
Projectors / Screens
Ribbons & Printwheels
Surge Protection
Telephone Accessories
Ticket Dispenser
Time Clocks / Attendance Solutions
Toners, Inks & Ribbons
And much more…….

Unlimited Export Services Corporation
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UNESCO is a  distributor / exporter of office machines and electronics, specializing in the Central and South American markets. Over the past four decades we have built our business through diverse selection of products, and continue to expand options available to our resellers.
If you're an existing UNESCO customer, we thank you for your continued loyalty and partnership. If not, we look forward to partnering with your dealership soon.

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We Specialize in

Binding Machines, Calculators, Cash Registers, Copiers , Check Writers, Counterfeit Detection, Currency & Bill Counters, Dictation Equipment, Dot-Matrix Printers, Electronic Signage, Hole Punches, Inkjet, Laser Copiers, Faxes  Printers & Multifunction, Label Makers / Label Printers, Laminators, Office Supplies, Paper Folders, Paper Trimmers, Phones, Printers, Projectors / Screens, Ribbons & Printwheels, Scales, Shredders, Surge Protection, Telephone Accessories, Ticket Dispenser, Time Clocks / Attendance Solutions, Typewriters, Toners, Inks & Ribbons....and much more
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